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About AHTF

At the 2001 annual meeting of the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) the board of Directors passed a motion to create an exploratory task force headed by Yadin David, Ed.D. to investigate the establishment of a non-profit foundation.   To achieve improvement in safe use of healthcare technology diverse stakeholders must come together thus increasing the collective knowledge surrounding design, use, integration and servicing of healthcare technology, systems and devices. In addition to industry, regulators and clinical engineers –the public must be included as one of the stakeholders and be provided with means to participate and gain access to guidance on best practices and safe use of healthcare technology at home.

From the early days ACCE members knew that a non-profit foundation and its associated fund raising potential is needed in order to enable the organization to further reach significant professional goals and to continue to build the legacy on which the practice of clinical engineering field is evolving.

Based on the recommendation of the exploratory task force, in May 2002, the ACCE board gave its approval for the creation of a foundation and provided the needed seed money for filing and registering the foundation at the state and federal levels.  A slate of directors and officers were selected and work began on forming the foundation mission, objectives and by-laws.  This moment could not have been reached if it was not for the dedication of individuals like Wayne Morse, Elliot Sloane, Jennifer Ott, Frank Painter, Ira Tackel, Raymond Zambuto, Matthew Baretich, Thomas Bauld, Marvin Shepherd, Joseph Dyro and Yadin David.  However, most of all, it was the guidance provided by Joe Welsh that made this dream become a reality.

At the end of 2002, the ACCE Healthcare Technology Foundation was inaugurated, registered in the state of Pennsylvania and preceded to file under the 501 (c)(3) tax code as a non-profit foundation with IRS.  The foundation purpose is:

The improving healthcare delivery by promoting the development and application of safe and effective healthcare technologies through the global advancement of clinical engineering research, education, practice and their related activities.

Continuing the ACCE tradition, Yadin David was elected as the first foundation’s president, Wayne Morse as its vice president, Ira Tackel as its treasurer, and Jennifer Ott as its secretary. In June 2003, the ACCE Healthcare Technology Foundation held its first annual meeting in Seal Beach, California and continues there after to hold its annual meetings in Houston, Texas.

The Foundation supports creation of safety-related education material useful to members of the public who or their family member are depended on medical technology, improves relationship between producers, regulators, users and clinical engineers, promotes excellence in clinical engineering leadership and funds professional development through excellence and certification programs. In addition, the Foundation hosts and supports focused studies aimed at providing better understanding of the barriers to better deployment of healthcare technology such as clinical alarms management.  

Industry and some hospitals responded enthusiastically to the Foundation’s mission and participated in several think-tank sessions organized by the Foundation as well as by expressing their support for the Foundation’s initiatives.  Following the establishment of the Foundation’s governance and successful fund raising campaign the Foundation’s Board was expanded to accommodate better representation and to facilitate effective administration of its growing activities. In Fall 2006, the Foundation Board will implement a planned succession plan where Wayne Morse, Jennifer Ott, William Hyman and Henry Montenegro will take the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively.  Dr. David will continue to serve the Foundation as its first past president. 

The Foundation promotes mechanism for achieving collaboration among all stakeholders, where the collective wisdom of senior members of the clinical engineering field be it in manufacturing, government or medical centers together with others professionals practicing at the point-of-care,  translate expertise into tools for better and safer healthcare technology.

We are convinced that just like all the members of the Foundation’s Board, you too, will be proud to be part of and support this important mission.



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